New insall of F-Secure Internet Security 2013 after OS Windows 7 clean install updating problems.


I installed F-Secure and it first gave me the messages on the status screen that spam and phishing filtering is malfunctioning and so is virus and spyware scanning malfunctioning in a red indicator letters. Then after updating it seems to be stuck at the top with the virus and spyware are giving me an indication of still updating and then I click on update manually and then despite the software telling me all software definitions are up to date it begins a very long download manually of the definitions. I have had this problem once before and I have completely removed the installation with the F-Secure uninstallation tool and resintalled and this exact same sequence of events happened. Please advise on what to do so that I know that this is not some sort of malware exploit that interferes with the network installer of the F-Secure software so that it does not protect securely as it should. Thanks in advance for any information if you can provide it.



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    Hello Enfcmedic384,



    In order to check that your machine is clean prior to installing our product, you could use the free tools available on our website. Please have a go with the online scanner.


    If the issue continue don't hesitate to open a support ticket so that we can have a better look and investigate what is going on with your installation.


    Thank you.

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    Did you check that there is a upgrade release version 3 for Internet Security 2013?



    Try that one above.


    See instruction below:- 


    Installation instructions:

    Note: Do not upgrade to version 2013 if you have subscribed to a security service through your Internet operator. Wait for further instructions.

    1. Click the button above and select Save File.
    2. Double-click the downloaded file (F-SecureNetworkInstallerUpg.exe).
    3. Follow the steps on screen (select language, accept license terms).
    4. If you have a new subscription key, type it in when requested.
      Note: If you are installing over an existing subscription, you may not be asked for your new key. No new subscription key is needed to upgrade to the 2013 version.
    5. Click through the remaining steps and restart your computer if instructed to do so.


    And do make sure that your Windows Firewall are turn on.


    Goto Control Panel and Windows Firewall. 


    Then goto Change Notification Settings. 


    And tick both Block All Incoming and Notify me when Windows Firewall block a new app for Both Private and Public Network Settings.


    Because by default F-Secure Internet Security did not turn on the firewall.


    (( Take note: If you have an old Anti virus software you need to uninstall it. That goes the same to Malwarebytes. ))



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