Write a new interactive firewall NOW!


Dear F-Secure Internet Security Team,


For Christ sake, update Internet Security 2013 with an interactive firewall and not that crap of a "monitoring applications" you have now. Why on earth did you remove the previous firewall anyway? Seriously Windows Firewall may be great but if you haven't noticed the default settings are "let everything through and then some"?


I was so pissed off when I found out that any little application I download from say CNET Download.com can run a muck and your "monitoring application" crap doesn't pick it up? I renewed 2 x 3 Years x 3 Computers to have a whole in the wall?Prove that not only you're virus scanner is top notch but that you wont let every Tom, **bleep** and Harry through the firewall!


If not, ESET here I come.


Yours Faithfully FOR NOW,

A dramatic long time user




  • Bada
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    Can I use one firewall other than windows 10 with f-secure safe?
    Thank you