FSIS2012 - screen :all security feature are up to date - that doesent mean everything works fine.



Maybe that shoud be 2 different information...


Se the images....


Just an info...







  • Ville
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    The small triangle in front of the text means that localized text could not be found and default (english) text was used. Unfortunately in this case the default text is very misleading. We will fix the localizations in next release so that it should start working again.


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  • Nmouse
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    Hi It seems that this isue is gone Smiley Happy - great ! But i have this issue, that the F-logo in the process-line, is indicate that everything is fine, that "F-Secure is controlling the computer" and that might be right... but not quite, because it still updating... Have made a image that coud show it, but i dont have any rtf/html editor anymore... ??? - and the buttons is blank, have to hold mouse over them to see what they mean... ??? Hope you see my concern.... Regards...
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