FSIS 2012 alle FS services down, cant start a command line tool ? - is that ok ?


Sorry to bug you again.. i´m a pain in the *** Smiley Happy

But i have to ask...


I tried to shut down all F-Secure* services, and tried to start a comand line scanning (dident know how) tried some *.exe files, but nothing started...

Tried some af these files under ..\anti virus\ and under common / 2 diff maps of common...


Can i start a GUI if the services doesent starts ? (from CMD)

Can i start a command line scanner (from CMD)


Lets hear from you..






  • Ville
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    The product requires the services to be running to operate. If you can explain why the product should work this way then we can consider adding it to the future feature list.

  • Hi

    Just fooling round Smiley Happy


    Stopped all services, DL a test virus,and want to scan, but i coudent start the program...


    Tried to start it via start-programs-f-secure... diddent start..

    tried to start anything from some of the folders, but i dident found the right program, no one starts...


    I don´t know if it coud be an idea to have a "stand allone" GUI that coud work ??


    Or a command line.. fro 3. parts programs, taht coud call to scan a file with parameters ??


    I regend that it coud be a great thing to have a "stand allone" program, that coud start without the service !



  • Ville
    Ville Posts: 532 F-Secure Employee
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