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In this topic you can tell your opinions on the F-Secure Mac Protection Technology Preview, please share your opinions on the beta :)



I have been using the product for almost as long as it has been out, and it has given me a feeling that everything is fine and as it should be, and that I am on the safe side. Of course, you get drawbacks; like when there was a broken update released which made the product say that every file is a virus, therefore I went ahead and formatted my computer just to find out it was a bug, but hey, it's a beta program, even though I use it on a production machine just to give me peace of mind. So, I have had a positive experience of the software and I will purchase as soon as it is available in a retail package.


  • Patrick
    Patrick Posts: 120 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi Arttu,


    thank you for your feedback.


    We actually released our Anti-Virus for Mac recently. Its available in our estore already:



    We also released the Protection Service for Business version:




  • Arttu
    Arttu Posts: 6
    Hi Patrick!

    I'm aware of that, but as I stated in my post, I will buy the software in a retail package :)
  • Stephan
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    Hi Arttu!


    Thanks again for your feedback.


    Sorry to hear you were affected by the issue we had back in march with the Mac protection beta.

    We have learned from the issue and are confident that we will not run into such problems in the future.


    Back to your question.

    I just had a chat with our retail team.

    Currently Anti-Virus for Mac is only sold for electronic delivery.

    We will review the decision not to deliver retail boxes when needed.


    However, there is no need to worry when buying from our estore.

    Your account (you can use your community login) will store the license key and give you quick and easy access to the installer - so no need to worry about archiving e-mails from online purchases anymore.


    Our retail team was actually very happy about your feedback and wants to offer you a free 1 year Anti-Virus for Mac license.

    I will deliver you the details in a private message latest tomorrow.


    Best regards,


  • Arttu
    Arttu Posts: 6
    Hi Stephan!

    That sounds cool! As of the eStore, I will check into that :)
  • celavey
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    This seem to be a good news. Thanks for sharing the information about it. image

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