Improvement of banking protection

I installed f-secure recently so I don't understand banking protection completely. From what I have seen till now, when a banking transaction occurs then f-secure banking protection comes into play. It disconnects internet connection to all other software's and only allow banking transaction tab to connect to internet. Maybe it disconnects connection to other tabs in browser.


All this works well when using debit/credit card. In case of net banking there occurred a problem. See my bank does not allow net banking payment through web browser. Instead they have made me install a separate net banking application which I have to use to pay through net banking. So when f-secure banking protection is at work then my net banking application is not allowed to connect to internet. So I have to disable f-secure banking protection inorder to pay through my separate net banking software.


A solution would be addition of my net banking software in an exclusion list. So that when f-secure banking protection comes into action then also my net banking software is allowed to connect to internet.


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    Just as potential feedback (I'm also only F-Secure user);


    Current design of Banking Protection work with points like:


    -- clarification/verification that opened banking/payment website is trusted/secured webpage (HTTPS and known domain);

    Possible to break this 'layer'.  But less options to do so .. when F-Secure Browsing Protection extension/addon is enabled.


    -- prevention/blocking untrusted network connections (allowed only connection to 'safe-for-banking' websites; and system's connections with restrictions about only trusted/safe ones). Potentially -> some of valid software/website can be 'blocked'. With such situation good to use F-Secure SAS for re-rate it globally:



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