Pause button in manual scan

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In the "Virus scan Wizard" there is no option to pause a ongoing scan. There is only stop button. It would be of great convenience if there is pause functionality during virus scanning.


Suppose there are thousands of files to scan. If the manual scan is ongoing and  we need to do something else then in that case we would have to stop the scanning completey to do another work. this would be total waste of time.

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  • Janiashvili
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    Yeah, but if you or system or any software(or malware) does any changes to those files, you shouldn't feel safe any longer(as previously scanned files should be rescanned again)


    From user point of view, that feature is good, but from safety side, that's a no no

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi viktik!


    Thank you for all of your suggestions!  This is one that I have also thought would be helpful, but I think Janiashvili's point is precisely the reason that it has not been implemented.


    I will make sure a Product Manager takes a look at all of these, though, and they'll follow up to let you know if it's being considered for implementation.


    Keep the great ideas coming!


    // Chrissy

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  • viktik
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    Atleast add a low resource mode in manual scan so that CPU and hard disk usage gets halfed/lowered. User will have to tick the "low resource mode" in manual scan popup menu during the scan.

  • siramic
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    +1 voted, as this this would be so nice to have. Even though I have a scheduled scan set to hopefully run when I'm not using the PC, that is'nt always the case with me. I would love to be able to pause a scan so that I could follow up with the thing or two that I found myself needing to do.


    As far as security in pausing a scan, isn't that what on access scanning covers, if I open a file while a scan is paused?  So I really don't see an issue there, unless I'm just not understanding the security concerns.


    Thank you Chrissy, that at least the status has been changed to, Under Consideration.



  • Cale
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    This feature has been re-released in TOTAL PC 19.1.