Website blocked, v.2014 Beta released yet?

Hello forum,


Two questions:


1. Where to submit possible harmful and/or false positive detection website links? Many sites are being blocked by FS OnlineProtection feature just when trying to translate them with the IE10 built-in "Translate with Bing" accelerator, which is rather strange to say the least Smiley LOL

Or maybe anyone else here (running F-Secure Internet Security 2013) can confirm this behavior by using this "accelerator" and translating any website?


2. Is the IS 2014 Technology Preview released yet?


Accepted Answer


  • macstorm
    macstorm Posts: 43

    Thank you Janiashvili, 


    I thought IS2014 was out already (by reading some threads in the Beta section on this forum).

  • Janiashvili
    Janiashvili Posts: 469
    Well, the IS 2014 beta was released yesterday...

    So, technically it is now released.
  • macstorm
    macstorm Posts: 43

    Thanks for the update.


    There's also a thread on this in the Wilders forum Smiley Happy

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