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Trust is the word! I got F-secure from my inter net-provider ( Swedish Company named Telia) Used F-secure since 2006, but today i had to remove it and i will never install it again reason is simple.. F-secure have created a special version for Telia that gives the company access to all info and redirect Search records to the company. Even a back door to log all Internet activity is added! Swedish Telia is famous for supporting dictators around the world with SAFE Internet sadly F-secure added a platform for this company to spy on it´s customer.  


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    Well, I believe you're wrong. But lets wait for an answer from officials
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    I'm the one who delivered this client to Telia and can assure you that neither F-Secure or Telia track users. The version Telia released starting a couple of weeks ago is Internet Security 2013.


    It is a known fact that all respectable internet security providers use cloud lookups to provide enhanced security in todays threat landscape. The number of malicous web pages and files generated each day makes this a must. A collective discovery of bad content increases the detection rate of these. So we check URL's and files checksums against massive databases on the Internet while every piece of identifiable information regarding where the URL and checksums come from is discarded at the point of entry of our networks. So no, we do not collect information since that would be a violation of many laws of the EU and or Sweden.


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