Forgot/lost your Anti-Theft security code? Read this.

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Hi All,

if you have lost the Anti-Theft security code for your mobile phone, kindly open a support ticket here:



 Lost security code cases have to be handled outside of the F-Secure Community.

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    Hi Papa,


    I've taken a look at the Service Request created and it is closed as issue resolved. Please do contact us again if there is any other issues. 


    Thank you.


    Best Regards,


    Andy Yoon

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    Good idea, @Simon . Done.


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    I contacted customer support and followed all atspes and e-mails. Finally i sent my IMEI number and Bill Details, but no reply since then.


    What should I do?

    SR ID:  1-632064391

  • please help sir :)


    my phone nokia E7 :)
    pls help to unlock my phone


    warm regards




    Edited: SR details removed

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    You need to open a Support Ticket:)


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