Gateway anti-viruses

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I have question regarding unified security gateways or UTM. How good those things actually are? What are pros and cons of them?


And, does F-Secure offer anything like these?(some USG vendors, like ZyXEL, offer in their USGs solution from software anti-malware vendors, like Kaspersky)


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    I would love with the to know some professional opinions on here as well. I would love to get one but only if officially endorsed by f-secure. The reason being is ordered one. This was when I was having Malware issues as well. It was over five years ago. Then after the Unit's five hundred dollar price point. I found out I had to subscribe to their antivirus. A year's subscription  about 169.00 us. Then if I wanted intrusion detection and spam filtering it would have been another approximately 249 plus dollars. I simply did not have the money. I returned the device to the store. If anyone knows of a better option please let me know.

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