forgot passcode nokia c7, phone stolen



I sent a msg earlier today explaining that my c7 that had fsecure was stolen on sunday and i received the "anti theft has detected a sim change" message on my other number. the reference Number: 1-562403038


the problem is that i'm not sure what my passcode was for that phone since i have it for a few years now, and I'd like to locate and retrieve my phone. Police say it will take weeks for my file to be processed, since both my phones were stolen. Unfortunately I didnt have fsecure on my android Smiley Sad


Please help! I dont like the idea of someone else taking advantage of my lossSmiley Sad

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  • JaysonJayson Posts: 595

    Hi Safs,

    The locate feature will only work with Security Code provided. In your case, you should provide the phone number found as sender of the "Anti-theft has detected a sim change" message to the authorities.


    Best Regards,

  • SafsSafs Posts: 5

    thanks so much! if i put in the wrong  code will the phone lock?

    authorities here are not quite helpful, they basically told me to fend for myself :/

  • JakeJake Posts: 77 Former F-Secure Employee
    Did you have the "Lock when SIM changed" option set On in your Mobile Anti-theft settings? If yes, then the device cannot be used without inserting the lock code first.
  • SafsSafs Posts: 5
    Nope I deactivated it because it used to bug me when I was traveling and had to constantly swop cards, boy do I regret that move!!

    Everytime the thief changes his card I still receive an SMS, now I'm even more annoyed...
    Is there any way of me confirming the code? I tried the one I thought it was #locate# code but it obviously was not that one because I received no reply... What should I do now?
  • JagadesanJagadesan Posts: 129 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Safs,

    With regards to your problem, if you have forgotten your code we will be not be able to reset your code as the code is stored in your phone and if we initiate the reset function the new code will be an advantage to the thief.


    Best Regards,

  • SafsSafs Posts: 5
    Argh.. Nightmare!!
    Will it be possible for you to mail me my passcode?
  • SafsSafs Posts: 5
    Ohhhhhh now I get it, thanks so much for ur help
  • LovelyLovely Posts: 2
    I forget security f-secure code for my nokia C7-00 how do i unlock my phone pls help mr now
  • LovelyLovely Posts: 2
    I forget security f-secure code for my nokia C7-00 how do i unlock my phone pls help me now
  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi Lovely,


    As mentioned by Simon, in order to reset your security code, please check the information provided in the link provided  by him.


    You have to create a support ticket for further troubleshooting.



  • mondmond Posts: 2

    I forgot my lock code. Please help me. My IMEI number XXXXXXXXXXXX
    Nokia c7-00


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  • mondmond Posts: 2
    Please reply asap. Almost 3 weeks my phone has been lock
  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,661 Superuser
    I don't mean to be rude, but this is getting rather exasperating. You only needed to read the post above your own to see that you need to create a support ticket for lost phone passwords. This cannot be dealt with in the forum, and this has already been stipulated in the thread.
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