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here is my SR ID:   1-561660206. I have provided you guys with all the other details already and have not yet received and assistance. it urgent that i can swap my sim's. and all that other #unlock# and #reset# from the other number does not work.


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    Hi Kingoftheworld,


    The reset is done, kindly check your e-mail for the instructions and do let our agent know if you need any further assistance in this case.


    Best regards,


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    I must say the Support service of F-Secure is pathetic, in fact non-existent !! This app does not have any method to recover lost password. Even the #UNLOCK# from trusted number does NOT work. There is a link on F-Secure site which asks for email to send the password recovery instructions, EMAIL NEVER COMES. Their LIVE CHAT NEVER WORKS.
    I am stuck in a foreign country without phone and contacts and have been trying desperately to either contact these F-Secure guys or unlock using #UNLOCK# from trusted number. NOTHING WORKS !!
    Anyone installing this stupid app is left on the mercy of these non-responding fellows to recover their data / phone.
    If anyone can help me recover, please email instruction to: e-mail address
    Thanks in advance
    Edited: E-mail address removed for privacy protection.
  • Dear Sir,


    after i contacted your support team, they said they have sent me a reset code but i havent recieved any code so please help me what to do.

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    Have you checked your spam folder?

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