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I've searched for other questions related to this but was unable to find the answers.


1. Is the browsing protection toolbar similar to the Web Of Trust add-on for Firefox? In the WOT add-on it states by a series of colors whether a site is safe, questionable or unsafe. It also reveals the safety of sites when one uses a search engine like Google or Bing. Does the BPT do the same? If so, I would imagine that I would not need both.


2. Currently I use both FF 6 and IE9. When I use IE 9 it constantly tells me to speed up my browsing by disabling the BPT. So far I've resisted. When using FF 6 the BPT is unavailable so I haven't bothered with it.


3. Lastly, what protection does it add? After all... doesn't the resident shield protect me while I'm browsing so why would I need it at all?




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    try to answer some of your questions:


    1. I am not familiar with Web of Trust add-on in a technical detail therefore not going into that. But about the colors the functionality sounds similar. Green all good, Yellow you should be careful, Red don't go there. Grey means F-Secure has no rating yet. 
    2. There might be a feature in IE which is checking plugins and does some user prompting. The Browsing protection might slow down the browsing but I haven't had any issues yet on the speed. Where you can see that it takes some time to get URL ratings is in Google search result page. Your network speed has as well impact on how fast browsing protection will retrieve site ratings.
    3. Not sure what "resident shield" is but I think you mean the Firewall. Firewall protects against networking threads like intrusion prevention. It wont protect you against a fishing site as the IP traffic is perfectly safe where as the page it self is the danger.

    Hope my answer helps.

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