Computer security is not working


Hi the computer security will not open at all from the launch pad or any other way. my computer says that the computer security is turned off and this is flagged as an important message in the bottom of the corner. when i click the icon it says will not open and to try restarting the computer but this has not worked after many attempts. Please help!!


  • stephenm1991

    I have an exen bigger problem now. I was unable to uninstal the program as the windows toolbar disappeared along with all the desktop icons. task manager wont open but i know the computer isn't completely frozen because i have sticky notes up and they still appear and it is possible to edit them. I originally noticed the problem with my F-secure program not turning on about a week ago when the display driver stopped unexpectedly a few times. This shouldn't be happening because the laptop is less than a year old... I hate computers..

  • Manifrenk

    Dear Stephenm1991! I have literally the same problem as yours, but till this very moment I haven't found any solution for that! Please, write if you have any suggestion or idea how to do it!

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hello stephenm1991 and Manifrenk,

    In case steps provided by Gary didn't help, I would recommend you to contact our support and send fsdiag for further investigation.

    To send the support request, please go here:

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