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i'd like to see in future,in F-Secure,things that all the other AV or suites virus definitions numbers,right click scan icon,removable device scan(with pop up when device is detected,and offer scan options)scan pausing,reverto to native firewall instead Windows Firewall,and HIPS features. and OUTLOOK  2013 antispam plugin  the interface is always the same, why you do not think to change it? really is too old, in my opinion :smileyhappy:

i love F- Secure capacity to detect and remove malware,but needs improvements,to bring it closer to other security suites,especially in the visual field and tools such as those mentioned. it's sad to see suites that do not have half of the  f-secure effectiveness to have all these tools that are missing in F-Secure :smileyhappy:
i hope that 2014 version is truly innovative, and add all the things that are missing to become F-Secure really amazing!

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  • Janiashvili
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    "with pop up when device is detected,and offer scan options"

    I don't want this to happen. Btw. F-Secure scans those devices in background(those devices are accessed by the user or any process is in any contact with them; just like regular folders)


    Btw. malware detection and removal rate of F-Secure is almost always in top of lists, so I don't see what's problem with that(well, removal capacities aren't good, but it usually can detect and remove malware before it infects the computer)

  • viktik
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    In the "Virus scan Wizard" there is no option to pause a ongoing scan. There is only stop button. It would be of great convenience if there is pause functionality during virus scanning.

  • viktik
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    There is no password protection. It means that anyone can change the settings of f secure internet security. parental control, web filtering settings can be undone by anyone. So those features become useless. So I stronlgy recommend that a password protection feature be added to it.

  • viktik
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    In "Manual scan" setting there is only one action provided for "when virus or spyware is found". Suppose if I set it to "Clean the files" then in that case if f secure is unable to clean a infected file then there is no second option provided that can be followed. it would be better if a second option is provided. So if the infected files cannot be cleaned then is option that it will be Quarentined or deleted automatically.

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    Hello, all!


    Thank you for your suggestions for improving Internet Security!  I will pass your ideas over to the Product Manager, who will then post here to let you know if these ideas will be considered for the next release version.





    F-Secure Community Manager

  • Chrissy
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  • MeteorMan
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    maybe start with the simplest thing, the icon of contextual menu right click scan :)

  • Cale
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    Most of the feature requests have been done (including the icon), the rest can be found from other tickets as separate requests, so closing this one.

    Please make only one suggestion per ticket!


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