F-Secure Internet Security vanished with update process


My F-Secure Internet Security started to update itself, but in the middle of the process it failed with error message (translation from Finnish error message): "F-Secure Host Process stopped working and was closed. Application stopped with error because of a problem. Windows will notify if there is a solution".

Now I cannot find the F-Secure user interface anymore from my computer Start menu or from desktop. It is not also in Control Panel - Programs. Anyhow the files are still located in C:/Program Files/F-Secure... Also Control Panel - Security Center informs that F-Secure is protecting the computer.

How can I fix the F-Secure? Tried to reinstall by downloading 2013 version from F-Secure site and also from CD but both fail with every try to "Unsuccessful Installation" error.

I am using Windows Vista Service Pack 2, 32 bit.


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