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Where can I submit a "bank's website"?



Through now, I'm suggesting you to add PayPal (and such sites) to "isolation" as are banking websites.





  • stlo
    stlo Posts: 2

    In the previous version, Banking Protection popped up as visible when active. Then you could switch it off temporarely when not needed.


    Now I have to open the F-Secure app and find a button that permanently switches Banking Protection on and off. Also, when active, I need to add every URL I need to visit into the allowed list of URLs in spite I have not chosen that security level. And even if I do so, I cannot run for instance Google Earth without switching Banking Protection off.


    This is just too much! The Banking Protection cannot be used under such prerequisites. To me the function is completely worthless now. I have to switch it off permanently in order to use my computer.

  • As long as I know, it should act as it acted before(and you encouraged a bug)
  • stlo
    stlo Posts: 2

    If I did encounter a bug, many others would probably have done so too. Is there any hope for it to be fixed? Should this be reported to someone as a potential bug?

  • I think so... Contact support here and give them "fsdiag"
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