Empty Windows

Always when a theat is found, blank windows pop up and it is impossible to go any further. I often use unusual.exe files, and there is no option to allow the file to open. Any answers? Thanks


  • Siltanen
    Siltanen Posts: 108 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hello vrystaat,


    There is no option to allow execution of a file from the detection pop-up if the file is deemed either suspicious or malicious.


    However you can provide us with a sample of the file so we can fix our AV-databases, if the detection is a false positive.


    You can still add either the location (folder) of the file or the file itself to the exclusions list (under Computer Security -> Settings -> Virus and Spyware scanning -> Exclusions) to exclude the file from Real-Time scanning. However this is not recommended if you aren't sure the file is indeed clean.

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