Rescue disc


The current rescue disc has not been updated in a long time

I will list a few things that I have noticed with the current version and some surgestions for improvement

1. scan time is alot slower than the installed f-secure desktop product.

2. updates can only be updated via ethernet and not wireless

3. the product has a very basic commandline style interface and is no way near as easy to use as other f-secure products.

4. I would like to see some scan presets such as quick scan,full scan etc. 

5. add in some extra tools:

registry editor = for advanced users to edit registry to help remove rogue antivirus and ransomware.

automated tools to help remove rogues such as resetting explorer.exe back to defaults so that you can then boot back to the infected machine and use more tools to get rid of rogue antivirus and ransomware.

a tool to reset permissions for windows update,internet settings, dns settings,desktop settings,windows installer etc for restoring settings after infections are removed.


5. web browser = this can be realy useful if someone only has one computer and is infected by a rogue antivirus as you can use it to look up the unlock code on the f-secure weblog or other f-secure resources. 


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    Hi Iodore!


    Thank you for posting your ideas about improving F-Secure's Health Check and Rescue Disk.  A Project Manager will review your suggestions and will post a status update when something has been decided.


    Best Regards,


    Chrissy T

    F-Secure Community Manager