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Most of our customers are complaining about f-secure failure installation on windows 7 – 64 bits mainly. Whenever they running the wizard  and enter the subscription key they get the following error:

“ your system date is wrong of your recent certificate and out of date. Check the system date and go to windows updates to make sure that you have the latest windows recent certificate”. And thus f-secure is not getting installed due to this error.


Although date setup is correctly configured, sometimes, when they change the time and date to a different value and when they restart their machines, f-secure get installed successfully.

Our resellers are complaining alot about this error because it is making their work difficult to handle, and they are shifting to other competitor solutions which easier for them to install without any errors.


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    Same in Bangladesh market, 1 more issue ... it requires internet connected all the time. Other brands allow to install 'offline' which retailers can assist customers with and later customers get activation at home. When it takes too much time at installation customers immediately switch to other brands. Sadly, already started collecting negative remarks when it was great opportunity to take advantage of recent 'Best Protection' award :-( Please solve these 2 issues and I can promise F-Secure will be a HIT !!
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    Our Internet Security requires an internet connection to be installed.

    A offline installer is not available.


    The error message you mentioned has, as it suggests Smiley Wink, 2 possible causes:

    1. a wrong system date, which is easily corrected

    2. Windows root certificates missing


    The certificates are required for any sort of encrypted connection.

    Therefore our installer requires them too.


    On new Windows 7 installations the certificates might be outdated.

    A check for windows updates or using Internet Explorer should install the certificates.


    Here is a Microsoft article giving some extra information on the subject: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/931125


    Best regards,


  • Raed
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    Hi Stephane


    Can you plz advise why F-secure registration to the system is linked to the above two causes, if the system date is not coreect or if the certificated are not their why F-secure licesnes is not able to  register with the server to get the updates





  • haloom
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    Dear Stephan,


    Thanks a lot for your reply.


    Please remember internet connection is also demanded by anti-virus during installation.


    And also notice what other leading competing brands are offering, do something to walk towards customers who appreciate what our competitors are offering with. I am talking about both the issues, how is it possible what they can and we can't ? 


    We are here to help you learn what market is telling about F-Secure. Most important for us is we have invested in the market for making F-Secure do good business also by purchasing in advance for the customers. If they don't buy it we're lost.


    Kind regards



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