Outlook, POP3 and Spam


I am using Microsoft outlook 2007 and connected with my provider Forthnet.gr with POP3.

I keep receiving e-mails in Russian language 20-30 daily which I managed to delete  upon receipt with a rule in Outlook.

In F-secure Internet Security 2011 the only way I found to block e-mails is by stating the e-mail address in the block sender list. Unfortunately, each e-mail has a different address and maintaining a blockers list is impossible.

Does anybody have an idea how I can block said e-mails?




  • MJ-perComp
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    you could post them to analysis.f-secure.com, but you need to follow the submission rules esp with outlook!



  • 2eemeli
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    spam samples can be submitted direct to F-Secure labs via a web form Spam Submission Instructions how to submit are on the page.


    At the same site you will as find forms to submit malware samples and parental control related stuff Sample Analysis System


    Go and have a look


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