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As far as my understanding goes:

  • Application control was removed
  • Replacement with Windows Firewall where one can set port blocking rules
  • Deep Guard taking over the part of application level control 
  • Deep Guard will only monitor the part of applications that could be a risk


What I am missing now:

  • Put the user back in control - with a GUI layer more comfortable than Window Firewall UI for port blocking rules (in/out)
  • Put the user back in control - on application level, e.g.. to decide which application may call back home. Example:
    • Windows Media Player would be let through by Deep Guard, but ...
    • I'd never use that player, unless it is opened by accident
    • Anyhow I could configure Windows Media Player to not send usage data back home, BUT
    • Still I'd like to set up F-Secure Firewall on application level to tell it to block any outbound traffic for the Windows Media Player (without the hassle to use Windows Firewall settings)
    • Plus: Windows Media Player would still get important security updates through Windows Update
    • And I'd think by telling F-Secure Firewall that I want to block Windows Media Player from sending data to the Internet Deep Guard will take part in monitoring that this application is not sending data using other means like pushing it through a route via the Internet Explorer 


  • Missing a GUI replacement for the default Windows Firewall that is more intuitive
  • Missing the 'I am in control' of what may talk to the Internet - however uncritical F-Secure rates the application


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    Thank you for submitting your idea to the Idea Exchange!  We will evaluate it, and one of our Product Managers will comment on it soon.

    F-Secure Community Manager

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    About this post, I have a 0x80070424 error from the windows firerewall.

    Possible from a malware. With the earliest versions of the F-Secure I believe it wasn't possible this error.
    The Herms idea should have a urgent solution. I had convinced several friends and companies to renew and buy your antivirus...If they'll have the same trouble like me, I'll have to reconsider using it for good. 

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    Are they still planning on taking away application control my subscription ends in 10/23/2013. I have used F Secure for the last 5 or 6 years and i really like it . I have never got a virus but this is a deal breaker for me it is unreal how many programs want to connect to internet multiple times per day slowing your connection down. I pay for 3 computers 2 years at a time. So is it time to find new protection.