Mac OS X is not secure Sean Sullivan?

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I laugh out loud when I saw this on F-Secure Weblog site.


I think Sean Sullivan realise that Mac OS X is not secure. (Sean Mac is not secure Sean!)




I totally agree with you Sean.


Apple system files structure is like Windows. And they attack via the LaunchAgents. The plist files have been the source of targets.


I feel like not going to buy a Mac. (I feel like giving up!)


Because I have people remotely control my computer. I cannot get anything done at my end or do any work done.


Oh because Apple Mac OS X is using Freebsd. Under the hood is freebsd. It's not Linux!


My brother always debated me that Mac is the same as Linux.


I know that  Mac Unix command base are not the same as Freebsd.


Right now they are using Openbsd PF as a firewall. Not the IPFW.


But you can run either one of it.


The reason is because they have to check back with Freebsd Security Team.


No doubt that Google Security Team are also helping them out on Security Issues.


What I really hates about Mac OS X is that someone can remotely control your Mac.


They did not updates many of the unix packages! Not like other Unix variants.


You have to pay every OS releases when you can get free with other Unix Distros.


Sean, type "Steve Jobs hates Java and Adobe Flash" via google.


You will see results.


If you see NSA security hardening of OS X. They closes everything! (LOL!) Even the NSA knows that OS x is not secure!


The most secure Operating System is OpenBSD! Followed by Linux.


Don't get so upset Mac Fanboys!


Well if you know the technical know how you can harden any OS!


I wonder if the Sandbox in OS x is functional when Apple got hacked with Java!



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    Sean Sullivan,


    Even Apple Xprotects did not detects every single Malware and Spyware.


    It didn't catches anything and I don't think it is have the capability of heuristic detections.(Unlike ahem! F-Secure does! )




    see the spyware lists!


    Alot of undetectable spywares!



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    Remember that Mac hacked in 2 minutes? LOL!


    At CanSecWest in Canada!


    The former NSA mathematician can hacked in just 2 minutes.


    I respect you Charlie! And Dino!

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    And Apple hires Kristin Paget as their Security Guru. LOL!



    I don't know if Christopher Paget was the same guy. Formerly that is his name.


    Kristin is actually chris!


    Any person who is in the Computer Security Field knows this!


    Your guess is good as mine!



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