Problem with uTorrent (myTorrent) and firewall

Hi! I cannot get uTorrent to work when I have f-secures firewall, even though I Open the firewall port that uTorrent (48158)? It works when I use Windows firewall and allow uTorrent, without any changes. Any ideas?


  • Ben
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    Hello 13enji,



    Could you provide more information about the F-secure product and version you use & your Operating system?


    I would advise to check which other port might be use by your application.

    You can refer to the following KB article to be able to determine the port involved with the packet logging.


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  • Thank you, it gave me more information. But I think what I needed to do was to restart the computer as well, and not just the firewall. Anyway, it seems to work ok now.

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