IS2013 and Windows XP......


So, my 2012 sub is running out soon and I have read various things about the change in FS2013 to us the Windows Firewall....  Historically, I always thought the XP Firewall was a bit iffy and I have no plans on upgrading from XP anytime soon....


So, can I have some opinions on whether the combination of FS2013 and an XP Firewall will do the job.  I had downloaded the upgrade and then run some Port Access tests from security websites which give a clean bill of health.  I am sitting behind a Router with its own basic firewall and therefore I would assume that helps a lot in terms of random incoming attacks never reaching my PC.....


Looking at the F-Secure config, I had no special ports open, nor did I have any programs being blocked from Outbound access in Application Control although I have blocked programs in the past.


I am certain I visit my fair share of bad web sites and what not, although I don't click any of the wierd links and adverts that are sometimes displayed to encourage you to download crap to speed up your PC etc.


I would like to stick with F-Secure as it appears to have done the trick for ages, but want to be confident it will still do the job.


Alternatively, is there anyway to downgrade back to 2012 and extend that subscription without an automatic update to 2013 if the 2012 product would actually be better on an XP machine ?




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    Hi Yuccaman,

    With regards to your question, you may refer to the attachement in the post for more information regards to our FSIS 2013 firewall issue. Just to give you a clear picture, eventhough we have taken out the firewall features in our new latest FSIS 2013 but we still have a protection layer on top of the windows firewall which enhances windows firewall. Moreover there is no possibility of having an installer of FSIS 2012 with disabled upgrade option at the time being.


    Best Regards,

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