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Sorry for very bad English. Today I installed a beta version of one of my older computers. Before installing I have scanned the computer program ESS4, who was on the computer before ESS4 not appear. FSIS 2012 found two viruses, spyware and the four. Unfortunately, FSIS 2012 before completion of control completely stopped and control of finish.


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    1) there can be various reasons why FSIS stopped scanning and it should be part of a regular support. Please open a support case.


    2) how much MEMORY does your "old" computer have?


    3) did you start the scan with "all files" and "inside archives"?



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    computer has 2 RAM. Yes, I scan "all files" and "inside archives".



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    Try scanning without archives does that work?


    can you identify the archive where it gets stuck?


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    Ja, das Scannen von Archiven ist in Ordnung.


    Leider kann ich nicht die problematische Archiv bestimmen, war die Schuld an anderer Stelle.

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    Hello Snow,


    Thank you for your post.


    Could you please post your replies in english?


    Thank you :)


    Best regards,


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