Software Updater tweak addendum

Another logical place to put a button to do all of the software updates on one (or a group of) computer(s);


From the "Computers" tab, it is already set up to check computers, so, let me check the ones I want to work with, then click on a button in the row with "Operations", "Assign Profile"......."Remove computers".  A button called "Update software" added to this row would make a great deal of sense. 


The "Start missing software updates installation" under "Operations" does part of this.  But it is not fine grained enough to let me choose only part of the updates to install.  I have not been able to get that button to work properly yet (another issue perhaps), but it looks like it is intended to install all of the software for the selected computers.  Eventually, that will be a very efficient way to get all of the updating done.  But it cannot be used if there are any updates I wish to exclude.




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    Thank you for your new idea. We will evaluate it and our Product manager will comment it later on.

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  • Hello!


    The idea behind scan / install missing updates according to profile in use operations is to tackle use case when administrator is willing to speed up installation not waiting for the next scheduled installation round.


    We were reluctant to introduce more installation operations (install critical security, install critical and important security, install all security, install non-security, etc.) not to overweight the operations list, yet use cases were not crystal clear. Could you elaborate what exact operations you would like to see and what use cases to resolve with their help.



    Alexander Nesterov

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