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In the web-based PSB portal, I pushed out some software updates.  One of them for Thunderbird would not complete because of an expired certificate.  OK, no problem.  I logged into the box and did a manual update to the latest Thunderbird.  But.....since the old update can now no longer be done, the "1 in progress" showing in the "Operations" column will not go away.


I tried pushing out a "Scan for missing software updates", "Start missing software updates installation" and "Send full status update", to no avail.  As far as I can see, there is nothing in the web portal interface, nor on the individual client, that lets me cancel an operation once sent.  So, unless there is something built in that will time out and eventually remove the "1 in progress" message, I'm stuck looking at it forever.  Not a huge deal, but over time it will make it much more difficult to see what is going on.


Please add a feature to cancel an operation, or remove an "in progress" message.



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    Thank you for your new idea. We will evaluate it and our Product manager will comment it later on.

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    It's not a typical situation when operations get stuck at in progress state, so hope you will not suffer from handing operations messing the UI. Most likely it happened because operation's response sent by endpoint to backend got lost on it's way because of some reason. While operation canceling might be not the best solution because cannot be guaranteed in generic case (operation might be already executing by the client when administrator cancels it), we will consider automatic removal of operations handing for several weeks or month.



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