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In the web-based PSB portal, concerning the new software update feature, there is no good way to do all of the updates on a given computer.  From the "Software updates" tab, you can see all of the missing updates for all of the computers.  There you can check which ones to work with - giving a great way to appoach updates using a per program approach.  From the "Computers" tab, clicking on a specific computer, in the "Software updater" pane, you can see what updates need to be done for a specific computer.  But, in order to fix them, you have to look at them, then go back to the main "Software updater" tab, find them in the (long) list, check them, then select "Install missing updates to selected computers".  Very cumbersome!


Please add a feature whereby I can select which software to update from the individual computer view.  Something with checkboxes like I get in the "Software update" view, and a button to install checked updates to this computer.


Alternatively, having another button on the "Software updates" tab, next to "Install missing updates"  "Install missing updates to selected computers" and "View affected computers" would work also.  Maybe something called "Select specific computers to update".  Something like that.



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    Thank you for your new idea. We will evaluate it and our Product manager will comment it later on.

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    There are several different flows when managing software updates and they definitely complement each other. The primary flow we focused on when introducing Software Updater is update centric, meaning managing updates from software updates tab. In this case missing update is the primary entity and information about particular computers is not a decision making factor. You just want to have certain update to be installed everywhere and that's it.


    At the same time, computer details page is the best view for troubleshooting and analyzing why particular computers are not aligned with polices. I agree that's handy to be able to resolve found issues directly from computer details page once you are inside rather than switching to software updates tab and following the flow. We will consider this improvement for the next versions.



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    Hello ...


    I would like that software updater allow to choose which updates should be installed selectively.


    Now there are only two ways to upgrade:


    1. - Update selecting the vulnerability, which will be applied to all computers that contain this vulnerability.

    2. - Update selecting the computer, which will be applied to all vulnerabilities found on that computer.


    If what I want is to update only some of the vulnerabilities that appear in the analysis, this operation is not possible. Everything or nothing ...


    Thanks in advance.

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    Corporate feature requests can be submitted now to:


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