f secure blocks a couple of lrograms

I noticed carbonite was not working which is an online backup after installing f secure. I ininstalled and reinstalled carnonite. When installingf secure says carbonite is known to be bad and asked if I want to allow it. I said yes. I made sure it was listed in windows firewall and f secure as a lrogrma to be allowed to run. It still did. Ot work. Turned f secure off still did. Ot work. Kept f secure off I instaled and reinstalled and it worked. I then turned f secure on and carbonite is now working. I have a problem with another program. I lirchased a game from ubisoft. I had to download a small program which when executed itnlinks to the ubisoft website and downloads the lrogram. This program woild. Ot work with f secure on or off. I started in safe mode with networking and the lrogram linked up to the website and downloaded the game. I then ininstalled f secu re and the ubisoft program worked. I then reinstalled f secure and the same lroblem happened. The program would. Ot connect to ubisoftm. Said must be connected to the internet even thoigh I am. Whats the problem? Never had this lroblem with my other pc/internet security software.


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