F-Secure for Mac and Little Snitch?


Should F-Secure for Mac Consistenty keep trying to establish outgoing connections to the following addresses domain.akadns.net and retail.sp.f-secure.com. I also see something strange with Safari opening fsecured.lithium.com are all of those correct and safe connections via Little Snitch the reason being is that my Intrusion attacks are back and my laptop had to go out for service and I back to using my Mac and Little Snitch reported connection attempts via domain.akadns.net before I even logged on the Mac Mini which is old computer.


I am running the latest and probably the last incarnation of OS 10.6.8 ( 10K549) build and my F-Secure Mac Security Software is ( B11500.C110) . It is completely different than the windows version and I can not manually ask it to update or anything like that. I can only really on the program that it states it is not compromised. That it is not being manually manipulated via Apple remote desktop exploit/Arda agent which was the number one problem I have had in the past. Knowing UNIX commands or not please give me the heads up on the connections that F-Secure is making.





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