F-Secure Health Check.

I have is2013 installed,running windows 8 pro with media centre on an h8-1270ea hp desktop.

Just out of curiosity i ran the f-secure health check service and to my astoundment not once but twice on the first part of security check it states no firewall detected and then offers to solve the issue.!!!!!

Does the health check not recognise windows firewall and f-secure deepguard?

If not may i suggest you fix it or get rid of it on your site.


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  • JaysonJayson Posts: 595
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    Hi pcah4,

    Please note that Safe Check (formerly known as Health Check) is currently supported on the following operating systems only:
    - Windows 7(64-bit or 32-bit)
    - Windows Vista(64-bit or 32-bit)
    - Windows XP(32-bit)

    For further information, please see our Safe Check System Requirements page.


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