Is F-Secure actually still worth it?


A couple of days ago I formatted my PC and reinstalled all the vital programs assuming F-Secure is one of them. The problem is that I like to play a lot of games and F-Secure tends to make that VERY difficult. It blocks all my gaming services such as Steam and uPlay and it really does get to me. F-Secure is so ridiculously strict that your computer can barely even connect to the internet. I know if I switch the firewall off that it solves the problem but that leaves me open to threats. The way my computer got messed up last time is that I had to allow all internet traffic for any program to make a solid connection.

Can someone help me cause at this stage I'm just thinking about unistalling it and using a free anti virus. F-Secure just causes too many problems and can be VERY stubborn to work with.


  • Janiashvili
    Janiashvili Posts: 454 Adventurer
    well, if you press "deny" when firewall pops up messages, it will deny.

    if you're using latest version of internet security, then F-Secure has no firewall at all...

    It uses Windows Firewall to block traffic.

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