Privacy PC Award for F-Secure Internet Security 2013 and F-Secure Anti-Virus


Dear F-Secure Team,


On behalf of our team, I’m honored to notify you that your products "F-Secure Internet Security 2013" and "F-Secure Anti-Virus" have won "Privacy PC Award" in "Internet Security Suites" and "Antivirus" categories!


You can find reviews here: and here:


Please accept our heartiest congratulations on this achievement! Keep up the great work!


Kind Regards,



David Balaban
Editor of Privacy PC



  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi David,


    Thanks for the congratulations!


    We Will Protect You! As our slogan says :)


    F-Secure Community Manager

  • Anton
    Anton Posts: 1

    I am no expert and now compleet helpless. I don't no wat to do and need mij computer because i am disabbled,

    Please F-secure help me. I recieved your repair disk but it does'nt work or i dont know how to use it.

    Thank you.


  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    If by repair disk you mean Rescue CD, it's not a normal CD but a boot CD. More info here:


    The main reason to use the Rescue CD is "if your computer no longer starts due to malware corrupting the operating system, or you suspect the security software has been compromised"


    This is step 1 on how to use it (from the User Guide PDF referenced in the link above):


    Place the F-Secure CD in your CD drive and switch the computer on. After a
    few seconds you should see a prompt that shows F-Secure Rescue CD.


    If you do not see the F-Secure Rescue CD screen you should check
    that the computer can start from CD. To do so:
    1. Restart the computer.
    2. Hold the BIOS options key while the computer starts, usually this
    is one of F1, F2, F10, F12 or DELETE. If none of these work,
    consult the documentation for the computer.
    3. Change the option that determines which device the BIOS tries
    to find the operating system from, so that the CD drive is
    searched first.
    4. Save settings and restart the computer.

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