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Warnings all over the internet to disable Java, but on my Windows 7 64 bit system I go to control panel, do a search for Java, or Java control panel, and get nothing back, as though it were not on my system. I know it is there somewhere, because I am able to browse online with no problems. Could a hacker have got through? Will F Secure security suite stop a hack through the Java enabled browsers? Please help, need help to find java control panel to disable it. There is no java program to uninstall. Please help


  • Janiashvili
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    Very few websites use java nowadays, so why you think you have Java?

    If there is no Java in your control panel, that means you have no java.
  • Jack
    Jack Posts: 69 Active Engager

    I turned off Java on my Google Chrome, which allows that, and now I get a message saying with Java turned off I am not getting some things when I visit a web site using that browser.  Internet Explorer has no way to turn it off, so you have to turn it off for the whole computer to turn it off.  I am not getting the message when I visit the same site with IE, making me think it is turned on.

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi Jack,

    You can verify if you have Java installed from the page below:


    1. Check your Java version


    2. How do I test whether Java is working on my computer?


    Best Regards,

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