How does one report email phishing malware on the F-secure website?


Unable to select all-copy-paste email into F-secure malware reporting area. How does one report this kind of malware @ F-secure?


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    do not report the mail, but the URL in the link. and add the content of the mail in the remarks.

    Phishing mails are SPAM not malware. They try to trick you on fake sites and these need to be blocked.



  • blkadd_er
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    Clarification needed: what do you mean by "F-secure malware reporting area"?




    You can submit samples of malware to the Labs via the Sample Analysis System (SAS) (you'll need to create an account first).


    A separate submission location and guideline is also available for reporting spam.


    Hope that helps.


  • Sudu
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    Some emails have links to malware downloading, so it is hard to say which facility one should use. I personally wouldn't report simple spam, I would just delete it.

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    Please report all files and URLs, both malicious/suspicious and false positives, by using Sample Analysis System.

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