Reaccuring False Positive I can't submit. that comes from reputable site........


I download from almost daily as million do.  For the last two to three weeks F-Secure blocks all installations with a virus alert which is a false positive.  They use an advanced installer that uses Themida which I assume is creating this false positive.  I have no option to 'ignore threat' so I am missing out on great giveaways.  I contacted support and requested requested I submit a file yet it's not the file that is the problem.  The site's daily giveaways uses an installation wrapper that uses Themida with algorithms and sends information out and back to the installer.  It's not the file itself, it's the behavior and the data being sent back and forth that sets off this false positive.


How can I get this looked into so I can resume taking advantage of their software giveaways?


I use the latest F-Secure Security Suite on a Windows 7 x64


Thanks for any replies!


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