Internet security 2013

I downloaded the new 2013 version and upgraded my 2012 ver. Works great, but I don't have any firewall in this new ver. There is only Windows firewall to use even inside the IS 2013. One the reasons I use F-Secure software is to not have to use Win firewall cause I think it's not even close to tje one in IS.


  • Janiashvili
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    Well, Internet Security 2013 enhances and uses Windows Firewall , it's not just anti virus and firewall
  • vandally

    I'm almost in the same situation as Krillewik. With IS 2012 I was able to configure every outbound connection (I set it to ask me for every program which try to make a connection) which with Windows firewall is impossible. This was one of the reasons to choose F-secure IS (and to pay for it). Now it appear that I paid for a product which use firewall of the Windows OS.

    I noticed that in DeepGuard settings there is an option to ask for my permission when a suspicious application try to make a Internet connection? Is there a way to set this for every application?


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