FSIS 2012 Beta 41. 474 - 2 bug / what the f...



First thing is the page when to see when it´s updated...

The Email filtering .. 11 days, but the date is a year ago ???




Right Click en empty desktop, chose Gadgets, and suddenly the "F-Secure Status ??" turned up, without chose anything...


F-Secure update and Gadgets bug.png





  • No problems with the gadget for me, nice and responsive. But I have the same Email Filtering updated date error. Is the database for Email Filtering that old?



  • Janiashvili
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    I think that's filtering engine release date(like deepguard 4 was released half year ago, it's the same thing)

    And, I don't have that problem

  • Updates are a problem because sometime it does not work.

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    please accept my apologies for the late reply.


    The E-Mail filtering update status is ok.

    We changed the E-Mail filtering a while back, it does not rely on databases anymore, therefore it shows a really old entry.


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