Is F-Secure protected when it does a Network based install?


If anyone can enlighten me as to if there is a risk to F-Secure being installed by the Network installer method on a potentially infected PC. Does the program have built in protection when it installs that way so that it has anti tamper protection and that it could not be compromised? Thanks for any feedback.




  • Ville
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    There are always risks when installing to an infected PC. Since we check the integrity of each downloaded file, I don't see a big difference between online and offline installs.



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  • Rusli
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    I don't think it will protect you for anything if just install it via a network if your computer is heavily infected. Because you need the virus definition files to get it detected.


    Here's the steps:-


    Before install anything, do a check with F-Secure Easy Clean.


    Via this site:-


    Just to be certain that your computer is virus free.


    In addition to that you can install HitmanPro cloud base or Malwarebytes to check if there any unknowns.


    Then you have to uninstall Malwarebytes first.


    Before you proceed with F-Secure installation via the network.


    So if you do the following steps above it will be just fine.


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