My sites are said harmful

I am the ownner and webmaster of 3 web sites which are declared harmful by f secure.

these sites are


I have sent owner evalutations an get "no reply emails" with numbers  




I have made test on other evaluations systems

For example the results for

The result for the other sites and jlnpx are the same.


What makes Fsecures declares my sites are harmful ?

What can i do to stop this and have any information ?


This situation is very prejudicial for me


I hope a serious answer from F-secure





  • Peter
    Peter Posts: 68 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi Morlacus,


    Apologies for the inconvenience caused here. We are currently investigating this issue --- please stay tuned.

  • morlacus
    morlacus Posts: 3 Observer

    I have just received 3 mails indicating



    Thank you for your submission.

    URL provided will remains blocked as malicious as previously contain phishing site.

    If it was fixed, please confirm with the webmaster that the website is already clean.


    Best regards,



    I confirm that any of my sites



    do not contain and have never contained fishing site


    Can you give me any evidence of what you say ?


    Waiting for a reply






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