My Children start to surf the web




having Children and they are now in the age to discover the internet.


I my self have only a copple of pages which I visit regulary as I don't see any bigger use of spending to much time online.


Any good recomondations strategies?


Thank you in advance


  • HAFaria

    Hi all,


    I agree a 100%  that we must have a protection in our computer, and mobile phones too (I am personally using the F-Secure solution, which I think it is a fantastic solution. The best of all solutions), but, regarding parental control, is it not better talk with our kids instead of putting a control? If they don’t have this kind of access in our computers, probably, they will have in their school colleagues, and, in this second situation, we would never know what kind of content they will have contact with.


    I really don't know. I’d like to hear the opinion of all you.

  • [Deleted User]
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    That's a good question. When trust is a two-way street, perhaps parents can be more honest.


    I've talked to friends who have used putting controls on as an opportunity to set up the boundaries. A site may not be blocked completely. So you can explain the limits you're setting and answer questions, to the degree you're comfortable.


    I imagine it's easiest to set up these boundaries before friends and their norms have taken over a child's imagination.


    Love to know what parents think.

  • Muse
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    Hi all,


    thank you for the answers and tipps. I agree that a truthful discussion will get us quite far although I am still planning to set up these boundaries that you all were talking about as I assume that my kids are unfortunately not so much smarter than the rest (although I would like to believe that Smiley Wink ) that they would be able to resist all the temptation that are out there. Also, thanks for the tipp about setting the computer somewhere visible, we have talking about that at home and are setting up a corner in the kitchen. Very easy and very useful! 


    Thanks and regards!

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