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Hello people,


What do you think, why is F-Secure so unpopular(unknown)?




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    Hi Janiashvili


    This reminds me of school times Smiley Wink

    I think it all depends how we define the term popular. This is the way I see it:

    F-Secure already serves millions of consumers and businesses via direct consumer and corporate sales. The main focus is however about supporting over 200 operator partners globally (that serve over 250 million broadband and mobile customers). Most of our operator partners use rebranding of the products and therefore consumers are not often aware that they use F-Secure’s technology.

    Not to forget that F-Secure has been many times recognized especially on its excellent Security Labs. One to mention, Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen, who has been named one of Foreign Policy magazine's 'Top 100 Global Thinkers'. Not bad I think. F-Secure has also won numerous awards for its products, such as the Best Protection 2011 award by AV-TEST.

    F-Secure’s history is relatively short and there are still many great things we can achieve among those already achieved. And being more popular is something to look forward!

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    In "popular'' I mean how known it is, how recognizable it is.

    Well, if you ask someone to name 10 antivirus companies, they will name many known ones but F-Secure.

    Well, F-Secure got everything but popularity, I guess this is due to bad PR.

    Well, everybody knows Avira, Kaspersky, Symantec's Norton, ESET, Avast, mcafee and so one,but F-Secure is an exception.

    Can you publicly say how many direct consumers F-Secure has?
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    Thanks Anna for your comments. As she was explaining one of the business strategy of F-secure is to work in the backend and our business clients uses their brand. Therefore many don’t know that they are dealing with F-Secure. We can say that all their clients are our users as well. The bigger or more visible  Antivirus companies are pushing their brand and therefore are more visible. A lot of money is spent on marketing. F-secure focuses on making research and developing. This is F-Secure’s business strategy.

    Actually when I started to work in F-Secure, I made the same question as you Janiasvhili. So, this is the answer.  :)


    F-Secure Community Manager

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    That is true, and I think it is right decision, but I would apply a little more into PR

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    I'm sure, even if 25 million customers were direct customers (not through operators) you(F-Secure) would gain same profit as with that many through operators. I don't know how much do you get from the direct customers, but I'm sure you'll get only 1/10 per consumer compared to official price.
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