Is this a bug in IS2013?


I ran a scheduled scan last sunday at midnight.

In the statistics/scheduled scan it appeared stating when it ran but now after 3 days it states ...scheduled scan...never.

Why is this?


  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi pcah4,


    With regards to your problem, I have done some testing and was unable to reproduce hence I would suggest you to perform a uninstallation of our software and reinstall it again. This might solve any missing files that needed. For more information on uninstallation and installation you may refer to the link below:-




    Best Regards,

  • Hönö
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    I had the same problem until I realized that putting my laptop to sleep when I wasn't using it caused F-Secure to never find it idle. So, instead I configured the timed check. With a laptop, however, that isn't ideal either because I do not have a set time of day when I would always have the laptop on.


    For laptop users, the software needs more options, such as
    - possibility to postpone the check for a set number of minutes after the laptop has been rebooted or woken up from sleep
    - possibility to run a light-weight check daily and more thorough one once a week

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