icslap abuse (packets redirected to my friend's PC)?


I've just accidentally check my TCPView and noticed something disturbing. As You can see in the log my communicator (wtw.exe - soft for interchanging messages) is connected to my friend's (networking expert) PC to port icslap. We are in the same LAN net (we share a flat), but I don't talk with him using this commuicator.

Process PID    Protocol Local Address Local Port Remote Address Remote Port State
wtw.exe  1992 TCP        myPC                 9559          myFriendsPC       icslap     FIN_WAIT2
wtw.exe  1992 TCP        myPC                 9562          myFriendsPC       icslap     FIN_WAIT2


I don't use Internet Connection Sharing. We are using router, which is my and my friend's PC gateway.
Is it possible my massages are redirected to my friend's PC?
Thanks in advance for help

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