Some question to the new service




I have been using the old forum since university till now, it gave me many good memories and helped many to solved their problems. It is very nice to know the new community forum is launch. Congratulations! Smiley Happy


May I ask you the following questions?

1- I used to receive Virus Pattern Updates and forum news everyday, is it possible to open a post here to know the latest pattern released? (This is a very good service)

2 - Can I subscribe selected topics and news update just like I do in the old days? (I am interested in Beta / current product issues)

3- Since the old forum is closed, will it be terminate soon or integrated as a part of this new service? Should all the old forum fellows register again or will there be a migration?


Thanks you.





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    Hi KF,


    thank you for being with us for so long. I am happy to hear that you've enjoyed the F-Secure Forum and it is my pleasure to welcome you in the new F-Secure Community.


    Here are the answers:

    1 - You are welcome to check the latest database updates (and subscribe to them) here:

    2 - You can subscribe to each thread by going to Thread Options and selecting Subscribe to RSS Feed


    3 - The F-Secure Forum is going to be visible in a read-only mode for now and we are not going to migrate neither users nor content. All users are now welcome to register to the new Community.







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