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Recently I wanted to remove unwanted F-Secure application (FS Safe-Check beta, as its subscription expired and no beta is still active), and there is no such a thing as FS safe-check in Programs and Features(where you can remove programs), there only is FS Launch Pad, and thinking of removing that application is not very good idea(you think pressing 'remove' will remove whole FS apps)



So, My idea is to make it easier to understand, make it more user friendlier.



This is my idea...

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    Sorry that you have been waiting already some time. Thank you for your new idea. We will evaluate it and our Product manager will comment it later on.

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    Hi, Thanks for submitting your idea. Customers can select which applications they want to remove when they select F-Secure Launch Pad from the Control Panel. The user can select to remove all F-Secure applications or select which ones to remove. The approach is similar as to Microsoft Office. If you have problems on removing Safe Check Beta, please contact our beta support through our beta portal at Regards, Sami
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