More 1-PC License Options & Incentives

The only 1-PC option I've seen is for 1 Year?, why is F-Secure Anti-1-PC!?!  Smiley Sad


Please consider adding up to a 3 year 1-PC License? & Especially BIG! Incentives for 'Renewals'?, your Returning Customers should be Very Important to you?, Please show it?. Smiley Wink


TY. Ron. Smiley Happy



  • ElseHElseH Posts: 114 Former F-Secure Employee

    Sorry that you have been waiting already some time. Thank you for your new idea. We will evaluate it and our Product manager will comment it later on.

    F-Secure Community Manager

  • ElseHElseH Posts: 114 Former F-Secure Employee
    Hi Ron! Thanks for your idea. I asked about this from our sales experts and the comment is that the 1 year license is the most wanted option among our customers and that’s why we keep it simple. I change your status to Future Consideration because this is an issue that is always considered according to our clients needs. At the moment this is the way that works. Regards ElseH F-Secure Community Manager
  • TY ElseH & Welcome back!  Smiley Happy

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