Suggestion : File sharing port additions


Currently, the Office/File sharing firewall profile allows SMB and Netbios ports, along with ICMP.  Beside reading on this forum that IGMP also needs to be allowed, I've found that my home network and hardware media player can only communicate when port 5357 (TCP) is also open, and when I allow Netbios UDP ports to be accessed by any remote port on the home network.  Since I'm not sure if it's just my setup (laptop and hardware media player connecting to the desktop's share), can you check whether they are really needed for every setup and, if so, add the rule by default?


Also, I've gone through expensive troubleshooting regarding file sharing before switching to and tweaking Office/file sharing profile (since Home profile wouldn't work normally with my custom rules) and have found that when communicating within the network, these  other ports are accessed, but don't "seem" crucial to the LAN computers communicating.


1900 UDP in/out (ssdp)

111   UDP in (sunrpc)

3702  UDP in/out (ws-discovery)

5353 UDP in

5355 UDP in/out (LLMNR)

1031 TCP in

135 TCP in (epmap)

2869 TCP in (icslap)


My setup is a desktop (main computer) which also shares media across the LAN, a laptop and a hardware media player (media streaming).  Do any of these ports add any functionality without being too much of a security risk or should I leave them blocked in the end?

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